Sexy Flower Nail art

Lets get a lil dirty with these sexy flower nails!

Black Ombre w/ Red Flower Nail Art

(found in the “Flowers” playlist) copyrighted- say inspired by robin moses if you copy my work!! My Youtube: My Twitter: My Facebook: My Pinterest: My Instagram= robinmosesnailart My Tumblr: …

Hollywood Life – PICS – Nail Art Manicures — Skip The Polish & Shop Stickers 22

Instead of spending a couple of Benjamins on your nails every year, just grab a pack of nails stickers for less then $15. If your looking for some fierce and elegant nails designs, check out some our faves from NCLA Los Angeles, Maybelline, and TopShop.

Stud Out With Nail Stickie Bling

Rihanna is not the only one who can shine bright like a diamond! Now your nails can shine bright too! Nail bling will give your nails an expensive look for less then you think. These stickers help bring your nails to life by giving them a 3-D effect for any occasion.

Sexy nails

Image via Flickr

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